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Preparedness for Schools, Churches, Businesses and more 

Many organizations have developed and implemented a business continuity program to ensure that business will continue after a crisis, emergency or major business interruption.   

However, many organizations, including schools and churches have not yet taken that next step to create a Safety Management Program - or Emergency Response Program designed to maintain readiness for emergencies and to enable you to respond successfully during a crisis and provide the proper resources for recovery.  

When an emergency occurs, are you prepared? The time to answer that question is now not when the critical incident is happening. 

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The benefits are mitigating risks, lessoning liability, and enhances individual response and decision-making during such a stressful critical incident, resulting in saving lives.

Our Services


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Safety and Security Assessments

Safety and security assessments are crucial for any business or organization. Our team of experts can provide comprehensive assessments and consultations to ensure that your workplace is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your business.


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Response to Active Attacker Training

All-Hazards Training

A 2 or 4-hour course designed for small or large organizations to plan, respond and recover from an active threat incident such as an active attacker. The training includes classroom and hands-on exercises.

A 4-hour course designed to assist small and large organizations to plan, respond and recover from an incident such as a fire, medical emergency, power outage, disorderly subject, security breaches, and other incidents that may affect the operation of the organization.    


After Action Report

Designed to assist organizations with identifying and subsequently address potential vulnerabilities and safety deficiencies in your facility. 

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