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Our Ethos

Tier One Response and Operations (TORO) ethos is based on 6 core values: Integrity, Honesty, Self-Motivated, Compassion, Respect, and Responsibility. These core values have one common goal to provide a safe and healthy workplace within TORO and with its clients. We live these values and will not sacrifice any of them for profit. TORO is committed to its employees and stakeholders it serves. 

Steven Cooper, Tier One Response Operations, LLC

Mission & Vision

“Preparing for All-Hazards to Mitigate the Risk and Save Lives.” 

To provide the highest quality training to its customers with the goal of enhancing their mission readiness in a time of crisis. 

Mr. Steven Cooper

CEO, Founder and Instructor

Mr. Cooper is an esteemed emergency response instructor and a key member of Tier One Response and Operations, LLC. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has dedicated his career to assisting organizations in enhancing their mission readiness through immersive exercises and comprehensive training programs. Before embarking on his career in the private sector, Mr. Cooper served with distinction as a retired Sergeant/Commander of the Special Events Response Team within the New Hampshire State Police. During his tenure, he successfully led his team in providing security and response services for numerous high-profile events. His exceptional leadership and strategic thinking earned him accolades and recognition within the law enforcement community. Prior to his service with the state police, Mr. Cooper proudly served in the United States Army. As a veteran, he acquired invaluable skills and gained a deep appreciation for the importance of preparedness and readiness in emergency situations. Mr. Cooper's commitment to lifelong learning is evident through his academic achievements. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Norwich University, which laid the foundation for his understanding of law enforcement principles and practices. Building upon this knowledge, he pursued a Master's Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness from New England College, further solidifying his expertise in the field. Throughout his career, Mr. Cooper has been actively involved in sharing his knowledge and skills with fellow law enforcement professionals. He has been instrumental in providing training to law enforcement officers at the NH Police Standards and Training Council, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively respond to emergencies. Furthermore, Mr. Cooper has been a prominent figure in delivering Mobile Field Force training to federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies across the State of New Hampshire. His comprehensive training programs have empowered these agencies to effectively coordinate and respond to large-scale events and civil disturbances. Recognizing the significance of active threat situations, Mr. Cooper has also dedicated his efforts to training schools, colleges, universities, churches, and various state and private sector organizations on active threat response protocols. By imparting his knowledge and sharing proven strategies, he has contributed to creating safer environments and enhancing the security of these institutions. Through his multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication, Mr. Cooper has made significant contributions to the field of emergency response and preparedness. His commitment to training and readiness continues to shape the capabilities of organizations and individuals, ultimately ensuring a safer and more secure society.

Mr. Steven Cooper


  • Results driven professional with over 30 years of first responder, strategic management, military, and leadership experience.

  • Proven track record of success working in the U.S. Army, teaching within the public and private sector and law enforcement communities.

  • Effective problem solver, who enjoys the challenge of achieving goals and accomplishing objectives.

  • Recognized subject matter expert in project management and problem solving.

School Readiness Program Liaison, New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Responsible for developing, planning and conducting training with local, state and federal agencies. Works in the Planning Section under the direction of the School Program Specialist. - Coordinates with school districts, colleges, universities and private institutions in developing, planning, training, evaluating and conducting school safety and security assessments. - Works in collaborative manner with school district administration stakeholders to provide appropriate training, planning, guidance and assistance to conduct meaningful workshops, training drills, and exercises at the local, state, and regional level using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). - Works closely with local, state, and federal entities and other state agencies to develop exercise design documents to support training. - Maintains an up-to-date database to track emergency management training information used for all federal reporting. - Maintains emergency management documentation for Homeland Security and Emergency Management program grants in coordination with the Grant/Program Manager. - Works closely with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and serves as agency liaison for state and federal initiatives. - Attends conderences, meetings, and workshops as required and/or requested. - Provides Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (C.R.A.S.E) training to local public school districts, universities and colleges, state and local government employees and Houses of Worship.

Exercise & Training Officer, NH Dept. of Safety, Div. of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Provides specialized instruction on all-hazards preparedness to local, state and federal agencies and private sector stakeholders in support of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) Programs. - Provides Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (C.R.A.S.E) training to local public school districts, universities and colleges, state and local government employees and Houses of Worship. - Creates and Evaluates table-tops, drills and full-scale exercises for police departments, fire departments, hospitals, businesses, and schools related to their policies and procedures that involved the planning, response and recovery from active threat events.

Supervisor & Team Leader, New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of State Police

Patrol Supervisor, State Police Troop-A serving citizens of New Hampshire and visitors. Oversees general law enforcement activities and assists the Troop Commander with the daily operational responsibilities of the troop. - Key responsibilities include: Lead areas of law enforcement and operations exercising command level expertise for critical incidents and crisis management for a Troop of eight State Police Officers. Collaborate with Troop Commander to set appropriate priorities in patrol duties, establish assignments in the Troop’s area of operations, and manage administrative responsibilities. Provides command during critical incidents, designated as 1033 Program State Coordinator (Coordinating military equipment to support local and county law enforcement operations), and Field Training Officer Supervisor. Oversee Troopers performance management and compliance. Liaison between federal, state police, local and county law enforcement agencies. - Commander of SERT which is responsible for crowd/riot control events, search & rescue missions, and article searches in criminal cases. Key responsibilities included: Supervising 40 team members, providing command level experience in crowd/riot control critical incidents; Joint command level experience involving search & rescue incidents, homicide investigations, military, Homeland Security, state, and local law enforcement training exercises; SERT training/certification; and following established policies. - Oversaw the daily operations of the Permits & License Unit, supervising 7 civilian employees, responsible for overseeing the issuing of out of state concealed pistol permits, the issuing of explosive/fireworks permits, responsible for assisting the NH State Police Attorney with updating the State of New Hampshire explosive & fireworks rules manual.

Infantry Team Leader, United States Army

Key responsibilities include: Leading soldiers to accomplish selected missions against international and domestic threats to the United States. Mastering land navigation, marksmanship, weapons and equipment maintenance, logistics, and medical skills in order to operate in hostile environments. Instructing junior soldiers on the basic military skills, team building, critical thinking, and leadership.

Steven Cooper, Tier One Response and Operations, LLC
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