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For Organizations

Preparedness for Schools, Churches, Hospitals and more 

Many organizations have developed and implemented a business continuity program to ensure that business will continue after a crisis, emergency or major business interruption.   

However, many organizations, including schools and churches have not yet taken that next step to create a Safety Management Program - or Emergency Response Program designed to maintain readiness for emergencies and to enable you to respond successfully during a crisis and provide the proper resources for recovery.  

When an emergency occurs, are you prepared? The time to answer that question is now not when the critical incident is happening. 

Rush Hour
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The benefits are mitigating risks, lessoning liability, and enhances individual response and decision-making during such a stressful critical incident, resulting in saving lives.

Background Investigator

Conducts background investigations on employment candidiates by interviewing employers, co-workers, friends and neighbors, law enforcement officials, military personnel, members of the candidates family and personal references. 

Review completed background interview documentation checking for inconsistencies, errors, omissions, falsifications and minimum requirements to ensure accuracy and completion before beginning initial candidate interview. ​

Prepares a detailed summary of adverse information based upon objective analysis and evaluation of candidate’s background, interviewee statements, and other information that came to light during the background investigation. 

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