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We provide you with the tools needed to keep your people safe 

Let us help you achieve your goals

What we do

Tier One Response Operations, LLC provides training, consulting, and Safety and Security assessments for schools, universities, businesses, and Houses of Worship. Our services aim to mitigate risks, reduce liability, and enhance response during critical incidents, such as active attacker situations, large crowd celebrations, or civil unrest incidents. We also offer customized drills and table-top exercises for various institutions to improve their policies and procedures regarding planning, response, and recovery from active threat events. Our focus is on saving lives and ensuring effective incident management.

Steven Cooper of Tier One Operations, LLC on WMUR 9

Mitigates Risk & Save Lives


For Law Enforcement

Mobile Field Force Operations


A 2-day course in Mobile Field Force Operations Training designed for federal, state, county and local law enforcement departments to plan, respond and recover from a civil unrest event. 

For Organizations

Consulting & Training

Safety & Security Assessments to enhance the protection for your organization and its personnel from an active threat, man-made, medical emergency or natural disasters. 

Instructor Profile

Mr. Steven Cooper, CEO, Founder and Instructor

Mr. Cooper is an Emergency Response Instructor at Tier One Response and Operations, LLC.  He has provided Active Threat training to schools, colleges and universities, churches, state and private sector organizations.  

Steven Cooper, Tier One Response and Operations, LLC
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